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Data that stays safe means collaborating without the risk.

Altitude Networks  is at the forefront of enterprise cloud security and data loss protection—protecting your company’s cloud data against unauthorized access, accidental or malicious sharing, and theft. With our DLP application, you can quickly identify, remediate, and prevent data loss in the cloud with one click.

Watch Bob Lord, former CSO of the Democratic National Committee, and Steve Tran, CISO of MGM Studios explain why they chose Altitude Networks.

Tracking stolen cloud documents is time consuming.

With 1 click, remediate unauthorized access.

Someone just shared a critical file. To the wrong person.

Identify who has undesired access to your important files and resolve it before it becomes an incident.

Continuous protection. For all your cloud collaboration.

Employees share files all the time which means you need security that is always working.

Find it.

Fix it.

Prevent it.

Organizations and their products and services are moving faster than ever before. In a world where remote work is becoming standard practice, employees are constantly creating content, sharing and deleting files in the cloud, and being offboarded. It’s vital that your business has a comprehensive solution to understand your company's posture management and where it might be vulnerable.

Continuously Securing Your Enterprise Data

Data is constantly shared. Your security must be constantly defending.

Tools should solve a problem, not create extra work for your team.

Get results, actions, and defense you can trust with minimal effort.

How your data is shared is unique. So you’ll need a security solution that adapts.

Get the smarts of a security analyst, with the scale of computers.

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