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Data that stays safe means collaborating without the risk.

Altitude Networks  is at the forefront of cloud security⁠—protecting your company’s cloud data against unauthorized access, accidental or malicious sharing, and theft.

Tracking stolen cloud documents is time consuming.

With 1 click, remediate unauthorized access.

Someone just shared a critical file. To the wrong person.

Identify who has undesired access to your important files and resolve it before it becomes an incident.

Continuous protection. For all your cloud collaboration.

Employees share files all the time which means you need security that is always working.

Continuously Securing Your Enterprise Data

Data is constantly shared. Your security must be constantly defending.

Tools should solve a problem, not create extra work for your team.

Get results, actions, and defense you can trust with minimal effort.

How your data is shared is unique. So you’ll need a security solution that adapts.

Get the smarts of a security analyst, with the scale of computers.

Find it.

Fix it.

Prevent it.

Take security to the Cloud.

Jeff Bryner
"Altitude Networks uniquely fills a control gap faced by most modern companies as we embrace the ease of sharing live documents and increase the risk of a data leak. Before using Altitude the security team was working reactively to mitigate exposures, and tools for this kind of work didn't exist. This allowed us to adopt a proactive stance, giving us confidence we were seeing the whole picture. Great to see a new player step up to solve this issue!"
Falon Fatemi
"It seems like every other day there's a new tool to share documents. As a fast-growing company, we appreciate the ability to adopt the right tools to help us succeed. But at the same time we understand the risks involved and prioritize security. It's great to see a new player step up to solve this issue, and we were blown away at how straightforward and comprehensive their solution was. It's like having a CISO as a Service!"
Michael Viscuso
Venture partner at Accomplice &
co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer of Carbon Black
"Security teams often lack visibility into what data is being stored, let alone shared, in the cloud. Altitude Networks’ platform was designed from the ground up to allow today’s knowledge workers to leverage cloud collaboration platforms without introducing unnecessary business risk. It automatically identifies risks and takes action to stop data leakage and theft with little to no human input. With Altitude Networks, CISOs can sleep at night knowing that they are protected against overzealous or malicious file sharing."

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