What Makes Altitude Networks Unique?

At Altitude Networks, we believe companies should embrace cloud collaboration platforms like Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Microsoft 365, Dropbox, and more with the confidence that shared, critical files don’t fall into the wrong hands. Altitude Networks was created to address the challenges around security at the intersection of human behavior, collaboration, and technology.

Our cloud native DLP security application gives control over safe data sharing back to businesses with an easy-to-use interface that can quickly identify, remediate, and prevent future risks of data sharing or unauthorized access. See how it works below and get a free security assessment today!


See the issues that matter most
Risks grouped by type and severity for maximum signal.
Identify data exfiltration
Detect when anyone exports company data.
Deep-dive into any user's history
Get a full audit for any user with cloud access.


Prioritize resolution by Risk severity
Remediation options to easily address critical issues.
Alert file owners of Risks
Notify at-risk users and request more info.
Remove suspicious or undesired access
Fix Risks right inside the app with one click.


Create custom policies that scale
Set policies for securing data and apply at scale.
Automatically address backlog issues
Isolate groups of Risks and prevent their recurrence.

Why Leading Companies Choose Altitude

Context for Deeper Investigation

See detailed information about any file or person associated with a Risk, including downloads and shares.

Peace of Mind

Have confidence with continuous security across all your documents and users.

Centralized Remediation

Security analysts can address issues across all cloud storage platforms from a single dashboard.

Decentralized Security

Send alerts to individuals warning them of potential Risks and allow them to resolve their own issues.

Ready to learn more about how Altitude Networks can protect your sensitive files?

Ready to learn more about how Altitude Networks can protect your sensitive files?