Employees & contractors move on.
Ensure nothing sensitive goes with them.

Offboarding people is part of doing business. Our intelligent automation gives you peace of mind at any scale.

Offboarding story 1
Charles is about to leave the company. The Altitude Networks app allows you to review all of his access to files in the cloud.
Offboarding story 2
You can quickly see that Charles shared 230 company files to his personal email account yesterday.
Offboarding story 3
Now, you can remove his personal account's access to all 230 of these files with one click.
Offboarding story 4
When Charles leaves you can be sure he didn't take anything sensitive with him.

Insider Threat Detection & Offboarding Automation

Offboarding people is part of doing business. Whether it’s a mutual parting of ways or an unfortunate scenario where someone had to be let go, it’s imperative that your company’s private data and information is protected when an employee leaves.

Altitude Network’s intelligent cloud security automation can give you that peace of mind at any scale by auditing every action an employee took, discovering exfiltration of data, and removing that access to any file that was exported. Having these security measures in place can prevent any type of insider threat to your company’s proprietary data and files.


Security is only as powerful as the default settings. We'll tell you every single file an employee viewed, downloaded, or shared with zero configuration.


False positives lead to wasted time. You can trust us to surface an employee's critical security issues, so you can focus on the big threats first.


Growth doesn't wait for security. Get real-time tracking and alerting for every employee's files now, before a bad actor gets through the cracks.

Audit every action an employee took

View a comprehensive log of every single action taken on every single file, across multiple cloud storage providers.

Discover exfiltration of data instantly

Any time an employee shares access to company files to a personal account, we capture the event and alert you.

Remediate issues with a click

Remove access to any file, on any cloud storage platform, and alert the relevant parties with a single click.

Ready to learn more about how Altitude Networks can protect your sensitive files?

Ready to learn more about how Altitude Networks can protect your sensitive files?