Should the
app be authorized to access your enterprise cloud applications?

We uncover rogue applications that are stealing your corporate data.

Charles leads a security team. One morning, he receives a risk summary email from Altitude Networks.
Suspiciously, the app can access all company files. The employee who authorized this app overlooked this detail.
Charles immediately notifies the employee of the risk, and asks her to uninstall the app.
The employee receives Charles' email and promptly uninstalls the app.

What are Rogue Applications?

A continued growing threat to cloud security and cybersecurity, rogue applications are fraudulent versions of credible apps that are made to look like original versions. While they are similar to phishing emails, they can be more deceptive because they simulate the look and usability of real applications.

Altitude Network’s cloud data security application can automatically detect rogue applications that can steal your company’s data, help you understand your global app exposure, provide context into what data is being accessed, and ultimately remediate those rogue app risks with one click for continued data protection and to prevent any type of data exfiltration. Contact our team today to get a free assessment and understand your overall cloud security posture.

Automatically detect unauthorized apps

Take action before data is breached.

Understand global app exposure with a glance

We uncover apps that deserve your attention.

Context and details at your fingertips

Know exactly what data is being accessed.

Quickly remediate app risks with impacted parties

Identify who autorized the app and easily remove access.

Ready to learn more about how Altitude Networks can protect your sensitive files?

Ready to learn more about how Altitude Networks can protect your sensitive files?