Intelligent Cloud DLP with



We detect sensitive content shared in the wrong way in your cloud collaboration platforms. Get notified and resolve risks directly from Slack.

Automatic File Sensitivity Classification

Automatic file sensitivity labelling and intelligent risks discovery classify risks into severity levels based on sharing permissions. No tagging or labeling of data required.

Sensitive Content Detection

Automatically understand what data is sensitive, and when sensitive data is at risk.

Automatically Detect Unauthorized Apps

Know exactly what data is being accessed. Take action before data is breached.

Secure Offboarding

Our Insider Threat Detection & Offboarding Automation gives you peace of mind at any scale.

Supported Platforms

We currently support Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, with more platforms to come.

How to setup

Altitude Networks


Install Altitude Networks by clicking Add to Slack button


Click Allow to grant Altitude Networks permissions to access your Slack workspace.


To add a new public channel, go to Settings and find Slack Integration section, select a public channel in the drop-down, and click “Add to Slack” button.


To add a new private channel, log into your Slack app and add “@Altitude Networks” to the private channel where you want notifications to be sent, then go back to Settings/Slack Integration and select the private channel you just added.


Click Add to Slack button.

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